Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)

Sustaining agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians—one acre at a time

ALUS is a farmer-friendly preservation and conservation program. ALUS was originally an acronym for “Alternative Land Use Services,” reflecting the concept that farmers and ranchers can use their land in an alternative way to produce ecosystem services that benefit the environment and all Canadians. Today, the program has evolved into a national organization named “ALUS Canada”

ALUS Canada makes it possible to offset your environmental footprint through actual agricultural stewardship. Specifically ALUS helps farmers and ranchers preserve/restore wetland and upland habitat, reforest, plant windbreaks, install riparian buffers, manage sustainable drainage systems, create pollinator habitat and establish other ecologically beneficial projects on their properties. 

ALUS provides annual payments to ensure the ongoing stewardship of each ALUS project. It is a flexible and farmer friendly approach to conservation. Contact an ALUS SK Community Coordinator if you are interested to learn more.

ALUS New Acre Project

Financial support allows the ALUS New Acre™ Project to fund environmental projects on local farms and ranches across Canada. As a New Acre™ sponsor, you help farmers and ranchers steward their land to produce cleaner air, cleaner water and new wildlife habitats for the benefit of all Canadians.

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