Best When Managed

SaskFSA Believes that land and water resources are best when managed.

Water is a critical input which can dramatically enhance or hinder crop development. Irrigation is essential in areas and/or during times of low moisture.

All irrigation development in SK must be approved through the Ministry of Agriculture and in coordination with WSA.


Irrigation Research/Resources

The Irrigation Crop Diversification Corporation (ICDC) focus is on the research and demonstration needs of Saskatchewan’s irrigation farmers. ICDC objectives are to develop or assist in developing varieties of crops suitable for irrigated conditions, demonstrate profitable agronomic practices for irrigated crops, provide land, facilities, and technical support to researchers to conduct research into irrigation technology, cropping systems, and soil and water conservation measures under irrigation and to provide information respecting that research to district consumers, irrigation districts and the public.



The two irrigation organizations in SK – ICDC and SIPA have amalgamated to form Irrigation Saskatchewan


How to Get Started

Contact the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss the proposal and the irrigation development proposed project and the irrigation development process.  

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