Past Policy

SaskFSA Efforts & Policy Changes Over the Years

BILL 44 – Passed with No Amendments

BILL 44 obtained a third reading with no amendments and received royal assent May 2017. Read more at – Bill 44

BILL 44 – Hansard Notes – 2nd Reading

Minister Moe is moving ahead with BILL 44. Refer to – Hansard Notes – Mar 6th on the Bill 44 2nd Reading, where the points on Bill 44 are recorded on pages 14 through 20. Bill 44 focuses specifically on removal of the formal complaint system, prohibition against litigation in respect to pre-1981 drainage works and an increase in fines under the Environmental Management Protection Act (EMPA).

BILL 44 – More Information from the Ministry of Environment

SaskFSA met with Minister Moe on Jan 10th to discuss and clarify concerns regarding BILL 44. The Ministry of Environment issued the following information after the meeting – MOE-BILL 44. More specific information to follow after our next meeting scheduled for Jan 24th.

BILL 44 – An Act to Amend the Water Security Agency Act

These are the specific details the WSA press release fails to mention – BILL 44. As an AG producer of Saskatchewan, these legislation changes affect you and should be of great concern. Contact any member of the SaskFSA Board of Directors for more information.

Proposed Legislation Changes To Amend the Water Security Agency Act

Amendments to The Water Security Agency Act were announced by Minister Moe Nov 15, 2016. The WSA press release fails to mention the specific details that will directly impact AG producers – WSA News Releases Nov 2016 – Legislative Changes Support AG Water Management Strategy/. Specific amendments and concerns are outlined in the following document. If these legislation changes are of concern to you, contact any member of the SaskFSA Board of Directors and your local MLA. Read More…

NEW SK AG Drainage Regulations – Significant Obstacles

Several key components of the NEW SK AG Water Management Strategy as of November 2016 will have severe negative repercussions on the Saskatchewan agriculture producer, and ultimately the GDP of Saskatchewan as outlined in the following document. If these are of concern to you, contact any member of the SaskFSA Board of Directors and your local MLA. Read More…

Agriculture on the Political Agenda

Agriculture is one of the main pillars of the Saskatchewan economy. Saskatchewan represents 43 per cent of Canada’s farmland, totaling more than 60 million acres. Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry is a leader in keeping Saskatchewan strong through managing our land and water resources to economically and sustainably grow safe food for the world.  However, there are some serious challenges in this equation that need to be addressed as they directly impact the producer’s ability to farm efficiently, to earn an income, support their family and support the economy of the province. Of particular importance is the issue of antiagriculture groups pushing for legislation to convert productive farmland into wetlands, predominantly in the prairie pothole region (PPR). This also directly correlates to responsible surface water management. Whether it be agricultural, industrial or urban drainage or a conservation group that leaves land to abandonment which then encroaches on productive agricultural land. We are all responsible and we can all work together.  Read More…

Other Stakeholders

The core of the new drainage regulations is based on responsible agricultural water management where it is the producers’ responsibility to design, construct, operate and permit the drainage works within an efficient and risk-based regulatory system to minimize negative impacts. We support this concept 100%. There are however other factors, besides agricultural drainage, that affect flood control equally that should be considered for integration into the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan. This November SaskFSA submitted a brief to Saskatchewan government representatives and Water Security officials titled “Other Stakeholders” asking them to consider the role that naturally drained land and habitat land play in flood mitigation. Read More…

The NEW Approach to Agricultural Water Management in Saskatchewan      (Phase 1)

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is moving ahead with a new approach to agricultural drainage management. The new approach will move Saskatchewan toward responsible agricultural water management by streamlining the regulatory system,  addressing risks associated with drainage in the approval process, and enabling the development of sustainable drainage projects. Learn more at  WSA – Agricultural Water Management Strategy or contact one of your SaskFSA board members.

The Perfect Drainage Policy

SaskFSA submitted a proposal to the Honorable Scott Moe, Minister of Environment titled, “The Perfect Drainage Policy” for consideration in the restructuring of Saskatchewan’s current drainage policy. As a result, SaskFSA was invited to a roundtable discussion at the legislature involving the Minster of Environment, the Minister of Agriculture and officials from the Water Security Agency. The discussion was progressive and of significant value towards positive restructuring of Saskatchewan’s current drainage policy. Read More…